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Obalon Balloon System | Weight Loss Program Pinole CA

Obesity and weight remains one of the top medical concerns that impacts a great majority of the world. Although we all know, effective diet and exercise can combat this issue, we still find ourselves with soaring obesity numbers. Surgical procedures such as gastric bypass have positively impacted this issue, however we still have much farther to go. With numbers not decreasing as fast it could, and more lives needing an effective change, medical engineers and manufactures developed Obalon Balloon System. This is an FDA Approved program that allows individuals to loss weight in a safe and effective manor. 

What Is Obalon Balloon System?

This is the first and only swallowable weight loss system for those that have struggled to lose weight. It is an intragastric balloon that the patient swallows and there for remains in the stomach. Once the balloon inflates with gas within your stomach, it effectively takes up space. With more space occupied by the balloon, the participant will eat less, leading towards effective weight loss. Throughout the 6 month process, the participant will receive two more balloon placements within the stomach. Matched with the balloons, we provide supervised nutrition and exercise program for optimal results. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Obalon Balloon Weight Loss?

This system is a great option for those that have struggled with weight loss. Those that have failed to lose weight after dieting and exercise would be a great candidate for this program. 

Benefits of Obalon 

  • This is a non-surgical program, with no downtime and no anesthesia
  • Fast treatment, as it only takes 10 minutes for balloon placement within the stomach
  • Increased weight loss compared to those dieting and exercising only
  • Proven to be a progressive weight loss program

What to Expect?

Upon your first consultation with Dr. Serebrakian, he will evaluate your overall health and medical history. He will also be sure to discuss your goals and desires to be sure that you are a good fit for this weight loss program. 

The Obalon Balloon Treatment

Dr. Serebrakian will give you a small capsule to swallow, roughly the size of a vitamin pill with a micro-catheter attached. Before inflating the ballon, we verify via X-Ray that the capsule is in the stomach. As the capsule dissolves, we then inflate the balloon with gas, very quickly and easily. Once all complete, we remove the micro-catheter, the time totaling of about 10 minutes. Over the course of your 6 month program, we place two more balloons in the stomach, allowing a gradual transition for the patient.  With the short treatment time, the patient is able to resume daily activities once the procedure is completed.  

How Soon Will I See Weight Loss?

Schedule a Consultation 

If you have an interest in learning more about Obalon Ballon Weight Loss System, then contact our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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