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Cellulite Formation: Who’s to Blame?

Cellulite Formation: Who’s to Blame? | Pinole CA | LarkspurWhat do the terms cottage cheese, orange peel, and mattress have in common? They’re all descriptions of what your skin looks like when cellulite develops. Cellulite is the result of fat deposits emerging through the connective tissue underneath the skin. It impacts 80-90 percent of women and varies in severity.

What Causes Cellulite?

The exact cause of cellulite hasn’t been pin pointed, but there are factors that contribute to it. As mentioned, your skin may take on an orange peel or cottage cheese texture when fat pushes into the connective tissue beneath the skin. Women may have a higher rate of cellulite because their connective tissues and fat cells are arranged vertically. In men, the tissue takes on a crisscross pattern.


Hormones are likely guilty of assisting in cellulite development. One common theory is that as estrogen decreases with the approach of menopause, the blood flow delivered to the connective tissues diminishes as well. As circulation falls, so does oxygen, which results in lower collagen. All of these components make fat deposits look more visible. As the connective tissue weakens and the fat comes through, a dimpling effect occurs. As we age, skin becomes less flexible and is more prone to sagging, which heightens the chance of cellulite development.


Our genetics are connected to metabolism speed, the distribution of fat, and circulatory levels—all of which impact the development of cellulite. Lifestyle and dietary choices may also determine cellulite formation. Those who eat an overabundance of fat, carbs, and salt, may increase their chances of cellulite development. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, smoke, or stand and sit for extended periods of time are also more susceptible.

Tight Clothing

If underwear is too tight, circulation around the buttocks area may be limited, thus contributing to cellulite formation. Those who are overweight or obese have a higher risk, but thin and athletic individuals can still get cellulite.

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The Science Behind your Food Cravings, and How to Deal with Them

Body Contouring | San Francisco | Pinole | Larkspur, CAWhat foods do you crave? Chocolate ice cream, cheese fries, cookies….The list goes on. Let’s discuss the research behind your cravings and what you can do to quell them during the holidays when tasty treats are at every corner.

The science

Science indicates that cravings are all in your head—literally. The regions of our brains that are in charge of memory and sensing pleasure are part of the problem.  When we have food cravings, the hippocampus, insula, and caudate are activated. Brain research shows that the memory areas of the brain are more significant to food cravings than the reward center of the brain.

Our cravings are also connected to our emotions and desires. Food cravings often surface to satiate an emotional need. If we become stressed or feel panicked, cravings can feel overwhelming. As a result, our body will crave carbohydrate laden foods to boost our serotonin levels and create a calming influence.

What you can do about it

Understand the extend of your cravings

Out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind. Some poeple can quell their chocolate craving by eating a few chocolate chips. For others, they’ll want half the bag. If you are the latter, consciously allow yourself correct portions of the foods you crave. For instance, buy a single slice of pie instead of the whole thing. Or, purchase one donut instead buying a whole dozen. Needless to say, don’t ever buy a gallon of ice cream to take home. Opt for the pint instead.

Have snacks on hand

If you skip lunch or try to not eat when you’re really hungry, you’ll feel distraught and unsatisfied. Then, when you’re next meal rolls around, you run the risk of overeating because of how hungry you are. Instead, keep a stash of healthy snacks in your purse or in your drawer at work.

Eat smart carbs

Highly refined carb foods aren’t doing your emotions or your body any favors. Instead, nourish your body with smart carbs like fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains.

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