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Thermage® FLX is the latest generation of Thermage® radiofrequency technology. The FDA-cleared device is designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles using non-invasive energy. The patented Thermage® FLX technology offers significant results through the deep-heating of collagen-depleted layers of skin. Controlled radiofrequency works on a cellular level to build up collagen in the dermis and rebuild the frayed collagen matrix that has been affected by aging, sun damage and other factors.  

How does Thermage® FLX compare to traditional Thermage®?

Both traditional Thermage® and Thermage® FLX work by heating deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen remodeling. The Thermage® FLX device optimizes the delivery of RF energy using an algorithm called AccuREP. This feature automatically measures the amount of energy delivered to the area and adjusts to achieve the best results. The Thermage® FLX device also has a larger treatment tip and vibrating handpiece that reduces treatment time by 25%. 

The newer generation platform is also designed for optimal comfort and safety. Vibrations “trick” superficial nerves to feel less heat than they would otherwise, and the applicator delivers bursts of cold air intermittently with the warming RF energy. These features minimize the risk of burns while also maximizing the shorter treatment time.


Almost anyone can be considered a good candidate for Thermage® treatment. People who have mild-to-moderate sagging skin are more likely to benefit from this treatment than people with severe facial sagging. Ideally, patients seeking skin tightening treatment with Thermage® are between the ages of 30 and 65 experiencing the early stages of aging. Additionally, treatment works best for patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their neck, brow, and eyelid areas, as well as the cheeks and jowls.

What areas of the body can be treated with Thermage® FLX?

Thermage® skin tightening is usually performed on different parts of the face and neck. Due to the slightly larger applicator tip, Thermage® FLX may be well-suited to treating loose skin on the thighs, abdomen, chest, jawline, and upper eye area. 

How long does Thermage® FLX usually last?

The way that Thermage® FLX works is by stimulating the natural production of collagen. Patients may see some improvement right away after their treatment, but this only gets better with time. Collagen remodeling after radiofrequency treatment may continue for about six months. This means that the skin can continue to look firmer and younger for even longer. 

The results of Thermage® FLX can last many months. However, this is dependent on several factors. The skin is constantly changing in response to our biology and lifestyle habits. Good skin care, sun care, and nutrition can work in our favor as we seek to mitigate the signs of aging.

Is Thermage® FLX painful?

Treatment occurs in a grid-like pattern. After placing the ink grid over the treatment area, the provider determines the appropriate amount of energy to deliver to each section of the skin. The handpiece applies energy and also bursts of cool air. While the absorption of radiofrequency thermal energy can be slightly uncomfortably warm, patients typically describe the treatment as tolerable without the need for anesthetic.

How many treatments will I require to see the best results?

Thermage® FLX is designed to achieve profound results in one treatment session. Because the collagen-production that stems from one treatment typically stops about six months after the appointment, it can be beneficial to schedule subsequent Thermage® treatments at about that interval. With one or two treatments a year, the body’s production of collagen may be well-sustained. 


For more information on Thermage® FLX, or any of our other cosmetic treatments, call Dr. Serebrakian today. Call (415) 461-5755 in Larkspur. Dr. Serebrakian serves patients in the Larksur, Pinole, San Francisco and surrounding areas in CA.

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