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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

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Facial implants can enhance your appearance and bolster your self-esteem. If you are looking for improvement, not perfection, in your appearance and are realistic in your expectations, you may find that a facial implant is the right choice for you.

These procedures are performed by double board-certified surgeon Dr. Serebrakian at the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center’s (BALCSC’s) accredited surgery center. With the patient’s decision, the procedure will be performed under either local or general sedation.

What Are Facial Implants?

Surgical placement of a facial implant has the goal of providing cosmetic definition to the face. Synthetic implants, usually made of silicone, are typically implanted in the chin, along the jawline, and in the cheeks. The facial implant adds body, contour, volume, and structure to the face. Dr. Serebrakian will frequently use such implants to bring better balance to the features of a patient.

Am I a Good Candidate for Facial Implants?

Any patient who wants better facial symmetry and fullness could enhance their appearance with an implant. A teenage girl may want her nose reshaped or her chin brought forward so that these traits are better proportioned to the rest of her face. Another patient may choose to have an implant placed in with another cosmetic procedure. Implants may also be selected to fill out a face that appears “sunken” or tired. These are some reasons a person would consider this surgery with Dr. Serebrakian:

  • You have an undefined or weak jaw that recedes backwards and doesn’t frame your face
  • You have a weak chin and seek to improve your profile with the projection of your chin
  • You feel that your cheeks have flattened and want to return fullness
  • You wish to add volume to your cheeks and contour to your face
  • You want to correct facial issues caused by trauma

What Are the Benefits of Facial Implants?

Although considered aesthetic, facial implants can change a patient’s face, overcoming areas such as a “weak” chin. They can also replace volume in areas that have lost collagen and support with natural aging. If you don’t like your chin or how your cheeks have flattened, facial implants can change those perceived deficiencies and improve the way you see yourself.

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What is the Chin Implant Procedure?

During the chin implant procedure, the surgeon selects the proper size and shape implant to enhance your appearance and inserts it into a pocket over the front of the jawbone. Chin implants are placed on the front of the jawbone. To access this area, Dr. Serebrakian will make his incision either inside the mouth along the lower lip or under the chin. He then creates a pocket to hold the implant, places the implant, and closes the incision with sutures. For these procedures, he will usually tape the chin to minimize swelling and discomfort. Sutures under the chin will be removed in 5-7 days; those used for intra-oral incisions will be self-dissolving.

Recovering From Chin Surgery

You will experience some discomfort and swelling in the affected area for several days. It’s normal to experience some temporary difficulty with smiling and talking. Black and blue marks may be visible around the chin and neck. Dr. Serebrakian will instruct you about dental hygiene, eating, and any restrictions to your activities after surgery.

What is the Cheek Implant Procedure?

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If you’re having your cheek implants placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure, such as eyelid surgery or a facelift, Dr. Serebrakian may be able to place the implants through the incisions made for that procedure, such as in the incision made on the inside of the lower eyelid. If he is performing your cheek implant surgery on its own, Dr. Serebrakian will make an incision either inside your mouth on your upper gumline or within your lower eyelid. He enters the areas and makes a pocket to hold the implant, and then the implant is inserted. The incision is closed with sutures, and the procedure is complete.

Recovering From Cheek Surgery

Dr. Serebrakian will provide you with instructions about postoperative care. There will be dietary restrictions as well as limitations to your activities. Again, these instructions will vary, especially if another procedure was performed along with your implant surgery. However, you should be aware that your ability to move your mouth and lips may be diminished temporarily. Stitches used to close the incisions inside your mouth usually dissolve within about 10 days.

What is the Jaw Implant Procedure?

Depending on how you want to change your jawbone, implant placement will vary. Dr. Serebrakian seeks to make the incision inside the mouth, if possible, but he may also make the incision just below the jawline. The implant or implants are placed and the incisions closed.

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What Will My Recovery Be Like After Receiving Facial Implants?

There be will swelling, bruising, and some discomfort with the placement of any facial implants, no matter the location. For the first week, you’ll need to sleep in a face-up position at a 45-degree angle to keep stress off the areas. You will also feel tightness due to the added volume. This will diminish rapidly as the tissues adjust to the implant. For chin and jaw implants, you may feel as if it is difficult to smile or talk. You need to avoid movements or any force against the implant locations during your initial recovery.

For incisions in the mouth, have a soft food diet for up to 10 days. Most patients can return to work in one week. You will see your results immediately, but they will continue to improve as swelling subsides.

“Dr. Serebrakian is a true artist! I’m delighted with the cosmetic work he’s done for me!”

– Mary W.

"Dr. Serebrakian is an artist when it comes to cosmetic surgery and treatments. He truly has an eye for beauty!"

- Cindy J.

How Long Will My Results From Facial Implants Last?

Facial implants are permanent; your results will last the rest of your life.

What Are the Risks With These Surgeries?

These are very straightforward procedures, and they involve little risk. Of course, like any surgery, there are risks with excessive bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing, but these are rare. The risks specific to facial implant surgeries are that the implants may shift or become malpositioned. The implants can sometimes be fractured by serious trauma. There is also a slight risk of infection around the implant.

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