Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Have shapelier breasts with a breast lift in the San Francisco Area

A breast lift (mastopexy) from Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center cangive you fuller, tighter breastsMastopexy or breast lift surgery refers to a group of elective surgical operations designed to lift or change the shape of a person’s breasts. Mastopexy may involve repositioning the areola and nipple, as well as lifting the breast tissue and removing skin. Mastopexy may be performed alone, or in combination with placement of breast implants; when implants are used, the procedure is typically called breast augmentation. The change that a mastopexy affords to the position, shape, and distribution of existing breast tissue is temporary, as the effects of gravity and aging continue, causing ptosis to recur over time.

Techniques for the correction of sagging breasts have evolved over time. A formal or full breast lift is the most extensive with respect to scarring. It is widely used because of the resulting uplifted, pleasing shape of the breast.

Over time, breast lift procedures with more limited incisions have been developed in an effort to reduce visible scarring while achieving the best result for the patient. There are several variations of modified or limited scar breast lifts. The commendation on which procedure is best will depend on the amount of volume and shape of the breast, together with an assessment of skin quality and tone.

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