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A Rhinoplasty Procedure Without General Anesthesia

non-surgical rhinoplasty bay areaA rhinoplasty – a surgical procedure that is used to correct deformities or aberrations of the nose – is typically done under general anesthesia.  As rhinoplasties can be complicated procedures, patients would have to go under this type of anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort and safety throughout the duration of the surgery.

However, there are rhinoplasty procedures that can be done under local anesthesia with sedation, in just a few hours, with minimal downtime.

Armen Serebrakian, M.D., of the accredited and certified Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, is proud to offer ‘local anesthesia’ rhinoplasty procedures.  Dr. Serebrakian – double board-certified by the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery and American Board of Head & Neck Surgery – can ensure that patients are comfortable yet conscious while undergoing their rhinoplasty procedure.  By keeping patients alert, Dr. Serebrakian can monitor your facial expressions, muscles, and nerves, thus providing you with the most natural-looking and safe rhinoplasty procedure.

In addition to this advantage, there are many other benefits to using local anesthesia, including the following:

  • General anesthesia can be risky for a few individuals, especially those patients who smoke, are obese, have high blood pressure, have drug allergies, or have a history of adverse reaction to general anesthesia. Performing a rhinoplasty under local anesthesia essentially negates these concerns; however, during the consultation period, Dr. Serebrakian will ask about your medical history to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure.
  • The procedure is surprisingly short, as it usually takes just a few hours (more complicated procedures may require more time and/or general anesthesia).  A rhinoplasty under local anesthesia can be performed on an outpatient basis at The Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center.
  • Recovery time is minimal, and many patients find that they’re able to return to work much more quickly than with a traditional rhinoplasty.

If you’re interested in learning more about a rhinoplasty procedure without general anesthesia, schedule a consultation with Dr. Serebrakian at The Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center. Our East Bay office, located in Pinole, serves Martinez, Berkeley and Walnut Creek. Our North Bay office, located in Larkspur, serves San Francisco and Marin county.

To learn more simply fill out the form in the top left corner, or call 510-724-8282 for our East Bay office or 415-461-5755 for our North Bay office.

What You Need to Know About a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

nose reshaping bay areaThere’s a popular expression that indicates that the “nose has it” – and sometimes, that “it” can be an altered or different facial appearance than what we’d like to see.  Our noses can have a major influence on our overall look and appearance.  You only need to look at Hollywood celebrities to see how much of a difference a rhinoplasty, or nose job, can make (hello, Jennifer Aniston and Ashlee Simpson!).

When you feel that the appearance of your nose is holding you back, it can be difficult to gain the confidence you need to conquer your day-to-day activities.  If you’re ready to make a big change, then you should visit Dr. Serebrakian at the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center for a rhinoplasty consultation.

Dr. Serebrakian is a board certified head and neck surgeon, as well as a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, California Society of Cosmetic Surgery, and California Society of Facial Plastic Surgery.  Therefore, you can be sure that when you’re undergoing a nose job at the accredited and certified Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, you’re putting your nose in the hands of the very best.

What Will Happen During Your Rhinoplasty Procedure?

Your rhinoplasty procedure will involve meeting with Dr. Serebrakian for an initial consultation, during which an appropriate gallery of before & after photos will be reviewed.  Once you’ve communicated the results you’re looking for, you will undergo the rhinoplasty procedure.  Generally, this involves going under a local, or in more cases, general anesthesia).  The rhinoplasty will involve reshaping the nose’s cartilage and tissue to produce the desired results that will fit to the individual’s face and ethnicity.

rhinoplasty bay area

Recovery from a nose job can vary, from only four days to up to ten days, as it takes time for the nose’s delicate cartilage to heal from the procedure.  For the first week after the procedure, you’ll wear a reshaping bandage, which will help keep your new nose shape in place.  You may want to take a week off of work, which gives the nose time to heal and the bruises to reduce in severity.

Depending on your consultation, you may even discover that you don’t need to undergo an invasive nose job.  Many advances in rhinoplasty have made it possible for the nose to be reshaped without undergoing surgery.  Radiesse fillers can give you the temporary nose shape you’re looking for; however, you will need to maintain these results with regular appointments.

If you’re ready to achieve the facial appearance you’ve always wanted, visit Dr. Serebrakian, with his 27 years of experience in rhinoplasty surgery, at the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center today. We have offices in Pinole and Larkspur, and we serve all of the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Martinez, Berkeley and Marin County.

To get in touch with us just fill out the form in the top left corner, or call 510-724-8282 for our East Bay office or 415-461-5755 for our North Bay office.


Rhinoplasty Revision: How to Correct a Satisfactory Nose Job

There’s no denying that you had high hopes for your rhinoplasty procedure.  From dreaming of your new and improved facial features to feeling more confident about showing your face to the world, you were certain that a nose job was the answer to your body confidence issues.

But fast-forward past one failed rhinoplasty procedure, and it quickly becomes evident that your new nose job is a huge source of embarrassment and misery.  Not only did you not get the nose shape you wanted, but the surgeon completely botched the nose job altogether, leaving you looking less than your best.

If this sounds all too familiar, then there’s good news on the horizon – you can fix a botched nose job with a rhinoplasty revision.

Rhinoplasty revision is a term that’s applied to nose jobs that are specifically done to correct a botched rhinoplasty procedure done by another surgeon.  Rhinoplasty procedures are surprisingly common; it’s estimated that ten to fifteen percent of rhinoplasty patients have to undergo correctional surgery to get the nose that they originally intended to receive.  Add to the fact that nose tissues and cartilage are notorious for reshaping and resetting after a rhinoplasty procedure, it’s no wonder there’s such a strong demand for rhinoplasty revision.

Before signing up for a rhinoplasty revision, it’s important to carefully think over your reasons for wanting to undergo a nose job correction.  Many people are often unhappy with the initial shape of their nose after a rhinoplasty, and think that it needs immediate correction.  However, as previously mentioned, the nose is notorious for shifting shape; sometimes you won’t see your ideal nose shape for a year after having the procedure done.  If you’re in the midst of this recovery period, then it might be in your best interests to wait and see how your nose turns out.

If, however, your rhinoplasty surgeon has done an unacceptable job that’s complete off the mark of what you wanted, then you might want to schedule a rhinoplasty revision as soon as possible.  There’s no need to suffer with the nose you never wanted to have – so talk to a different surgeon to see if a rhinoplasty revision is right for you.

At the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, we can help repair and transform your botched nose job into the nose you initially wanted.  Fill out the form in your upper right to get 10% off this and other procedures, or call us at 510-724-8282 for our East Bay office or 415-461-5755 for our North Bay office.



Rhinoplasty: Get the Nose You Were Meant to Have

It’s no secret that the shape of your nose can have a major influence on the appearance of your face.  For example, take a look at one of the most famous rhinoplasty patients: Ashlee Simpson.  Before her rhinoplasty surgery, her nose was overwhelming compared to her petite facial features; however, after re-shaping her nose, her face looks perfectly proportioned, resulting in more work as a spokeswoman and a model.

If you’ve felt that you’ve been handed a nose that isn’t right for your face, then a rhinoplasty procedure may be just what you need.  The procedure involves the surgeon making tiny incisions in the inside of the nose, so the surgery scars aren’t evident as they heal.    The surgeon then reshapes the nose by sculpting the tissue, bone and cartilage into the shape that you desire.

Most rhinoplasty procedures are relatively simple, and involve little time in surgery.  For common nose reshapings, the patient will be treated with a local anesthesia with sedation, or a general anesthesia if needed; once the patient is asleep, the procedure takes no longer than one or two hours.  Complicated rhinoplasty procedures might take longer, so be sure to ask your surgeon his or her estimate of how long your surgery will take place.

Rhinoplasty recovery times are generally not lengthy, of course it takes time for the delicate cartilage and tissue to heal from the procedure.  Your surgeon may advise you to take a week or two off of work to recover, which also gives the bruising time to reduce.  For the first week after the procedure, you may need to wear a shaping bandage over the nose, which will help keep your new nose shape in place.

If you’re not a fan of surgery (and let’s face it, who is?), then you’ll be delighted by recent advances in the rhinoplasty industry.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be used to temporarily reshape the nose without the use of invasive surgical procedures.  Radiesse fillers are used to give the nose your desired shape, which typically lasts for eight to twelve months (hyaluronic fillers usually last for much shorter periods of time; think five to six months).  Recovery time is minimal, as non-invasive rhinoplasty doesn’t cause the level of bruising and swelling as traditional rhinoplasty procedures.

Rhinoplasty can have a drastic effect on the appearance of your face, so be sure that you’ve picked out the right nose shape you wish to have.  Your surgeon can help you select the perfect nose that will suit your face shape and size and ethnicity.

If you’re ready to get the nose you were meant to have, then visit the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center in one of our two locations, San Francisco, CA and Pinole.  Fill out the form in your top left corner, or call us at 510-724-8282 for our East Bay office or 415-461-5755 for our North Bay office.


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