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Buyer’s Remorse: Tattoo Removal

Buyer’s Remorse: Tattoo Removal | Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center An estimated 20 million Americans have tattoos—but half of them now wish they could remove it! Tattoos are created by inserting colored pigments into the cells of the dermis (the layer of skin right below the top layer). In the past, it was impossible to remove a tattoo, but laser tattoo removal has changed that.

How laser tattoo removal works

In the early days of laser tattoo removal, a scar or white area would be left behind. Today, the laser used can create short pulses of colors to treat the entire spectrum of tattoo ink. The treatment doesn’t require any incisions. The amount of treatments you need to remove your tattoo depends on the color, size, and ink type. For instance, removing a small tattoo of one color can take several 30 minute laser treatments. Multicolored tattoos will take longer and require more treatments. Each session has a four to eight week waiting period in between. Treatments are administered in the doctor’s office and don’t require hospital admittance or general anesthesia.

What to consider before you get a tattoo

If you are interested in getting a tattoo, there are some important questions to ask yourself that may help you avoid tattoo removal in the first place. First, why are you getting a tattoo? Is it a design you chose without much thought, or does it have a more timeless appeal? Consider how much you’ll like your tattoo in 5, 10, and 20 years down the road. Will it have the same significance and meaning to you later in life?

Second, have you thought out where you want the tattoo placed on your body? A tattoo on your face requires more maintenance than one on your skin. Depending on the type of work you are in or want to pursue, will the visibility of your tattoo affect your job prospects and interaction with clients?

Schedule a consultation

If you have questions about tattoo removal or any of the services we offer at Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, arrange a consultation today. You can contact us at 510-724-8282 (Pinhole) or 415-461-5755 (Larkspur).

Getting over your tattoo by getting rid of it

Most of our patients come to us seeking procedures that can add something to enhance their appearance: larger breasts, tighter arms, smoother skin and more. And many wish to get rid of things have happened through no fault of their own: our skin sags as we age; varicose and spider veins can appear due to pregnancy and genetics; we can be born with a nose or chin that doesn’t fit our face.

Tattoo removal can be emotional

When it comes to tattoos, however, our patients are usually hoping to eradicate any trace of them – and erase what might now seem like a choice they could have, and should have, avoided. We tell them not to worry, that we can help; and that they are in epic company. Because people have been getting tattoos – and then trying to get rid of them — throughout history.

And with the amount of ink we all see these days — on everyone from actors to athletes to moms – our tattooed-regretting patients can take comfort in knowing that at least half of those people will be seeking removal treatments someday.

It used to be iffy

Before the days of laser tattoo removal, people tried everything from cutting, freezing and scrubbing, to acid, injections and skin grafts to try and erase these “mistakes.” Also before the days of laser tattoo removal, most methods scarred the skin, most the time leaving the area more unattractive than any unwanted tattoo.

Today’s tattoo removal is better than ever

Our laser tattoo removal methods require no hospitalization, no anesthesia, no incisions — and most our patients tell us that getting the tattoo was a lot more painful than getting rid of it. Depending on the size and number of tattoos, removal can take one 30-minute session to several treatments over a few months.

What a difference that little beam of laser light can make

Let us take a look at that tattoo, for the last time. Call for a removal session today:

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