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Enhance your look with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure used to reshape the nose. Also known as a nose job, this procedure can be done for aesthetic as well as functional purposes. For instance, some patients want to augment or reduce the shape of their nose while others require rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems or a birth defect. A nose job is commonly combined with another cosmetic procedure.
Who can you trust to perform your rhinoplasty procedure?
Dr. Serebrakian is a double board-certified surgeon at the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center accredited surgery center in the San Francisco area. Before you schedule your nose job procedure, you will have a consultation with the doctor. During this meeting, you can share your expectations and goals for the surgery. The doctor will ask you about your medical history and address the risks and benefits of a nose job. As the doctor begins to understand your expectations, he will discuss with you the details of the surgery that will help achieve your desired look.
It is important to remember that, for instance, if you want to mimic the nose of a favorite celebrity, it will likely not look the same on you. This is because you have different bone structure and facial features that must be taken into consideration. For this purpose, a consultation will help the doctor identify how to best achieve your desired results.
What type of nose job method do I need?
There are two routes for performing a rhinoplasty: closed and open. During closed rhinoplasty, incisions are only performed inside of the nostrils. This will result in no visible skin incisions. Open rhinoplasty is done by making small incisions on the underside of the nose and in between the nostrils.
Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is done by using fillers to augment or reduce the shape and look of the nose. Because this type of nose job is noninvasive, swelling and bruising are minimal.
Schedule a consultation
To learn more about how rhinoplasty can enhance your look this New Year, call Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center. You can reach our team by calling 510-724-8282 (Pinhole) or 415-461-5755 (Larkspur).

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