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IPL for Flawless Skin

Many products and treatments claim to banish scars and hyperpigmentation, but do they actually do what they claim? You may be one of those people who feel like they’ve tried it all. Sometimes, you just use products, knowing they don’t work for you, just to avoid looking at them in your cupboard any more. It turns that that it may not be so easy to erase scarring or dark spots, and chances are you’re sick of looking at those marks day in and day out.
If you’ve tried everything, then it’s time to learn about photofacials and how they work to treat the surface-level issues you may have. Keep reading to learn more about this life-changing treatment.
What is IPL?
IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light, and this treatment may also be called broadband light (BBL), photorejuvenation, or photofacial. Though it is similar to lasers, IPL is not a laser. Laser treatments often only treat one specific skin concern and IPL machines are much more nimble and versatile. We are able to vary the wavelengths of light that IPL machines use, so it is not uncommon that we can often treat numerous skin issues at once. Did you know that IPL can be used to treat scars, dark spots, and rosacea?
Who is a good candidate for IPL treatments?
Those who suffer from the following are  good candidates for IPL treatments:
Pigment Issues
Brown or Red Spots
How long will results last?
With IPL, the best results surface as your skin turns over naturally, which can take up to a few months. If you are looking for a quick treatment with immediate results for an upcoming event, other treatments may be better suited to you. But, if you’re looking for great results and don’t mind waiting a little while for them, then IPL is a great option to give you a more flawless, youthful complexion.
If you’re ready to learn about this wonder-treatment, call us today at (510) 724-8282 to schedule a consultation at our Pinole location or (415) 461-5755 for our Larkspur location.

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