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Is your neck making your face look bad?

Most of us expect to see the main effects of the aging process on our faces. So we watch for wrinkles around our eyes or loose skin on our cheeks, and we seek out options that can help restore a more youthful look.
You may already be consistently taking the time to find products and procedures, non-surgical and surgical, to improve those areas above the neck that are troubling you. But is your face getting all the love, even as your neck is suffering from a lack of attention? Maybe it’s time to shift your focus slightly lower.
Your neck could be thwarting all your face’s efforts to appear more youthfulExcess fat, loose sagging skin and/or muscle banding on your neck could be making you look older than you are. However, you might be reluctant to pursue options for your neck because you think they can only be undertaken in connection with a full facelift. And maybe you’re not ready for that.
At Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery CenterWe use a variety of neck lift techniques, depending on your unique needs. And if you don’t feel ready for a facelift, there are two simpler procedures that can be used specifically to improve the appearance of your neck:
LiposuctionThis procedure is most effective for you if you have mild neck issues related to fatty excess with not too much loose skin, and you still have good elasticity.
PlatysmaplastyIf you have moderate laxity with banding of the muscles, a neck lift where the drooping or banded muscles of the neck are released and tightened, with or without liposuction, may be right for you.
Here’s why you could be noticing your neck for the first time:
Weight loss or gain
Sun damage
Regardless of what has caused your neck to go south, we can help it start making your face proud again. Call us today at the location that works best for you:Pinole (East Bay) Office (510) 724-8282Larkspur (North Bay) Office (415) 461-5755

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