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Leave the Spiders to Marvel

Spider veins. If you didn’t really know what they were, you might be tempted to think they were the domain of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman. After all, you can’t go to the megaplex these days without half the available movies being about superheroes.
If they were only that exciting. The reality of spider veins is obnoxious, but boring. Spider veins are those squiggly purple, red, or blue lines weaving their way around your legs and face. They aren’t a health hazard, but no one likes seeing them.
Where do Spider Veins come from?
There is a genetic element to their development — if your Mom had spider veins, it’s likely you will have them, too. Also, it’s thought that if your job keeps you on your feet a lot, you’re more prone to developing them. Plus, simple aging, as our leg muscles and other tissues some of their support strength, is thought to be a culprit behind spider vein development.
What to do about them? Come to Dr. Serebrakian and let him take care of those pesky devils with sclerotherapy.
When something works, why mess with it? That’s true of sclerotherapy to remove spider veins. Although it’s been around for some time (actually since the 1930s), sclerotherapy is still the best way to deal with spider veins. Dr. Serebrakian believes it to be the superior solution compared to lasers, particularly for smaller spider veins on the legs. Sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure that is quick and mostly painless.
What to expect during Spider Vein Removal
A sclerosion solution is injected into each vein selected for treatment. This solution is highly saline and irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to swell and the blood in it to clot. Once that happens, the vein turns into scar tissue and fades away with time, usually over two to three months. For most veins, a single treatment is all that’s needed. Any blood that ran through the vein is re-routed by the body to an adjacent, hopefully more efficient, vein.
Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that doesn’t require a recovery period. Dr. Serebrakian has his patients wear compression stockings or hose for up to two weeks following their treatment, and walking is encouraged. But there isn’t really any pain. You should also avoid prolonged sitting, standing, or pounding types of exercise, however.
Schedule a consultation
At Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, we’re experts at eliminating those squiggly purple and blue lines coursing just under your skin. Call us at 510-724-8282 (East Bay) or 415-461-5755 (North Bay) to make your appointment to address those obnoxious spider veins. Peter Parker need not apply!

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