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Quick fixes for your face

These are the days of instant gratification – fast food, same-day deliveries — and that includes how quickly we want results from our cosmetic procedures. And there actually are many treatments that target common skin problems and provide nearly instant results. If you want to see improvements in your skin on the fast track, here are some problems we can tackle for you:
Problem #1: Visible pores
Pore size varies and is often related to genetics. Large pores can be common in people who have oily skin, acne or rosacea, and they can also be the result of sun damage and aging.Quick solution: BotoxBotox, Dysport and Xeomin can be great for shrinking pores. These neuromodulators can be injected into large pores to cause them to contract, suppress production of sebum and control breakouts that can increase pore size.
Problem #2: Vertical lines between the eyebrows
Deep wrinkles can form between the brows from repeated contractions of those frowning/squinting muscles. And it’s a common complaint for many of our patients, as they can make you look perpetually tired or angry, even if you’re not.Quick solution: BotoxWhen facial muscles remain relaxed from Botox injections, they can’t produce those unwanted creases and wrinkles. And again, Dysport and Xeomin both also work for this problem. Injections are placed into the problem muscles to reduce their activity, which can soften existing lines for about three to four months. Results are visible in about three days.
Problem #3: Broken capillaries
As with pore size, blotchy, spidery-looking veins on the face can be the result of sun exposure, rosacea and acne inflammation, aging and genetics.Quick solution: Intense pulsed light (IPL) photo facialThe treatments is described as feeling like having a rubber band snapped against your face, but the high-intensity light emitted from the IPL device can eliminate the visible broken capillaries.
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From lines around your mouth to brown spots to acne scars, there are some treatments available that can provide some nearly instant relief. Call for a consultation appointment today:Pinole (East Bay) office (510) 724-8282;Larkspur (North Bay) office (415) 461-5755

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