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The rhinoplasty procedure

iStock 969158722 One of the most prominent facial features is that of the nose. If it is out of proportion with the face, misshapen, or too large, it can distract from one’s overall appearance. Because of this, many men and women with an imperfect nose may want to speak to a plastic surgeon about changing it with cosmetic procedures such as the rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty treatment, which is often referred to as a “nose job,” can restore confidence and improve overall aesthetics of the facial appearance and structures. 

What is the goal of rhinoplasty? 

With nose surgery, the primary goal is often to improve the way the nose looks and address its balance and harmony with the rest of the facial features. For some, the rhinoplasty procedure may also be used for medical purposes. This may be to address a deviated septum or the positioning of the sinuses and sinus cavity for those who experience chronic or recurring sinus infections or problems. 

What occurs during the rhinoplasty procedure? 

There are several approaches to the rhinoplasty procedure, and the one taken by a doctor will be determined based on the needs of the patient. Some of the steps taken in the rhinoplasty treatment include: 

  • Removal of excess tissue in the nose
  • Sculpting of the cartilage
  • Removal of cartilage
  • Placement of nasal implants
  • Repositioning of the sinus cavities

Patients undergo the rhinoplasty procedure while they are under general anesthesia for patient comfort, and is performed as an outpatient surgery. Most patients can return home the day of their surgery and should arrange for transportation to and from their appointment. The recovery time for rhinoplasty procedures varies depending on the extent of work that was done in the area and the patient’s healing process. Patients are given post-operative care instructions to follow closely to reduce risks such as swelling or infection. 

Considering ways to enhance your facial balance? 

The rhinoplasty procedure might be right for you! Call the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center today to book an appointment with Dr. Armen Serebrakian at one of his two office locations in Larkspur and Pinhole. With the help of our team, patients can feel more confident in their profile and facial appearance.    

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