There actually is something really great about fat

At the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are used to hearing our patients express concerns about areas of their bodies where they notice “fat.” Whether a result of childbirth or just plain daily living, fat does have a way of depositing itself in unwanted places. And sometimes it sticks there, despite healthy diet and exercise. So “fat” is a word that most of our patients deliver without a smile on their faces.

But Dr. Serebrakian can tell you about some ways that fat doesn’t need to be a negative word – and that’s when it comes to his fat transfer surgery procedures.

Fat transfer surgery can make “fat” a happy word. It involves extracting fat cells from your body – abdomen, inner thighs, inner knees or elsewhere – and re-injecting those fat cells somewhere they’re actually needed and wanted. That could be your cheeks, hands or even breasts.

We would love to talk to you about fat in a way that will make you realize that it can be a great thing. Simply schedule a consultation at Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery by calling either one of our offices:
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For now, here are a few of the fat transfer procedures we offer that could be right for you.

Fat transfer to your breasts
You may choose this procedure for cosmetic reasons or to correct the results of deformities caused by mastectomy or breast implant collapse.

Fat transfer to your hands
We offer cosmetic procedures for making your hands look younger with some of the same fillers we use on the face. But longer lasting results seem to be achieved when we instead inject fat into the hands.

Fat transfer to your face
The face really lends itself to the benefits that can be achieved when we use fat for more aesthetic purposes. Our patients use their own fat to plump up their lips, laugh lines, forehead creases, under eyes and cheeks.

What can we do with your fat? Call us to find out. The possibilities could put a smile on your face.

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