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Use Xeomin injections to treat dynamic wrinkles and folds on the face

istock 949489994 Dynamic wrinkles are the folds that can develop on the face due to muscle tension. These include areas such as the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes. These imperfections tend to cause men and women to look older than they really are, as the muscles move while laughing, frowning, or smiling. With Xeomin injections, patients can target these dynamic wrinkles and smooth them away for a more youthful look that last many months—and eliminates the need for plastic surgery.

Understanding Xeomin and how it works

Xeomin is one of many different FDA-approved neuromodulators on the market today. Like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is used on the muscles of the face. A trained professional such as Dr. Armen Serebrakian of Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center will administer this medication directly into specific muscles to provide the desired results. Within days, the muscles will relax, as well the fine lines and wrinkles that they form. The result? Youthful restoration without a facelift!

How long do Xeomin injections last?

Most of our patients will see optimum results after a week, and these results will often last several months. When the wrinkles and folds begin to reappear, it is vital that patients obtain more injections to maintain the results they achieved. Xeomin appointments are fast, easy, and affordable!

What about dermal fillers?

Another type of cosmetic injectable available with Dr. Armen Serebrakian is that of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers work a little differently, as they are gel-like substances that are formulated with hyaluronic acid and are injected directly into the imperfections to add volume and smooth wrinkles and folds. While different, they can be used in conjunction with Xeomin injections for a more dramatic transformation!

Enhance your appearance today!

At the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Armen Serebrakian and his team of professionals in both Pinhole and Larkspur provide the best possible care for patients ready to turn back the hands of time. If you live in or around the area, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our team to find out if Xeomin and other injectables are appropriate for your needs. Our team has two convenient office locations for patient consideration.

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