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What You Need to Know About Ear Pinning Surgery

Everyone has something about themselves that they think is less than perfect.  For some, it might be acne scars; for others, it could be a thicker waist or having a bit too much body hair for their liking.  For individuals with larger or outset ears, it’s not just a minor problem that can be ignored; it’s a seriously distressing cosmetic issue that can cause significant damage to a person’s emotional health and well-being.
That’s precisely why Dr. Armen Serebrakian, a double board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in otoplasty, or what’s more commonly known as ear pinning surgery.  This surgery is designed to reshape, re-structure, or reduce the overall size of the ear, thus creating a smaller-shaped ear that’s designed to naturally fit against the head.  The procedure can be tailored to fit the needs of the specific patient; for example, otoplasty can take the following shapes:
Dr. Serebrakian can pin the ears against the head, which corrects ears that are jutted too far outward.
Dr. Serebrakian can reduce the size of very big ears, which helps create a much more natural balance.
Dr. Serebrakian can reshape the various bends in the cartilage, thus helping to create a more natural and normal ear shape.
The end result?  Smaller, naturally shaped ears that highlight your facial features and lift up your confidence levels.
With regards to ideal candidates for this surgery, both children and adults can undergo otoplasty.  However, it’s recommended that children undergo this procedure as soon as possible, as the cartilage is much more pliable.  Adults can still undergo the procedure, and may only need oral sedation.  Children undergoing the procedure typically need general anesthesia.
During the procedure, Dr. Serebrakian will create an incision in the groove between the back of the ear and the scalp.  After removing some skin, Dr. Serebrakian will sculpt the ear cartilage using a scalpel or a laser, and potentially reposition the ear to create a more natural look.  The final scar created by the procedure is small and typically hidden, which means you won’t have to feel self-conscious about a surgery scar.
For more information on how an otoplasty can help with your ears, schedule a consultation with Dr. Serebrakian today at the Bay Area Laser Surgery Center in San Francisco, CA. You can reach our Pinole office (serving the East Bay, including Berkeley and Martinez) at (510)724-8282, and you can reach our Larkspur office (serving the North Bay, including San Francisco and all of Marin County) at (415)461-5755.

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