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4 Tips for Getting a Fabulous Nose Job

rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty, better known as a “nose job,” is an in-office surgical procedure that alters the appearance of your nose. Cosmetic surgeons usually perform this procedure when people want their nose to appear thinner, their dorsal hump removed, or the bridge of their nose lifted. A nose job can make you feel more confident and happier about your appearance. However, the excitement you feel when you think about your post-surgery face doesn’t mean you aren’t nervous about the procedure. We hope our tips on how you can best prepare for your cosmetic surgery will help you put your nerves to rest.

Stop Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Medical professionals advise against taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen before undergoing surgery. Anti-inflammatory medications increase your likelihood of developing blood clots. You should not take these medications for a minimum of seven days before the surgery. You are welcome to take Tylenol.

Stop Smoking

If you do not smoke, great. If you do smoke, you should stop smoking at least two weeks before your surgery. Cigarettes and marijuana have chemical agents in them that trigger inflammation. You will already be sore after surgery, but inflammation will intensify your pain. Furthermore, smoking prolongs your recovery period and increases your risk of getting blood clots.

Do Not Drink Alcohol Before the Procedure

If you are nervous and need to relax before the procedure, do not consume alcohol. The chemicals in alcohol increase your blood flow. An increased blood flow will increase your likelihood of bleeding excessively during and after surgery. It is also worth mentioning that alcohol does not interact well with anesthesia.

Do Not Eat Before the Procedure

You should avoid eating eight to 12 hours before your rhinoplasty appointment. You are more likely to vomit if your last meal was had in close proximity to your surgery.

See a Bay Area Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Your face is the first thing people notice when they see you. Therefore, anyone you choose to operate on your face should be experienced and knowledgeable about the procedure. The Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center has knowledgeable rhinoplasty surgeons who have years of practice. You can trust our doctors to give you satisfying results. To schedule a consultation, call us at 510-724-8282 if you’re near Pinole, CA, or 415-461-5755 if you’re near Larkspur, CA.

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