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Will Laser Hair Removal Work For Me?

laser hair removal Nicks from the razor, burn from the lotions, bumps from the blade, tears from the wax, and rash from the at-home essential oil mix your friend of a friend swore by. There has to be a better way for hair removal. If you’re tired of the shaving, plucking, tweezing, praying, etc, laser hair removal could be the answer you’re looking for. If you’ve been wondering about how well laser hair removal works and, most importantly, will it work for you, keep reading!

What Is The Science Behind Laser Hair Removal?

Utilizing technological advancements in both lighting and energy diffusion, laser hair removal works by transmitting light directly to the hair follicle which then absorbs the energy from the light and becomes overburdened by it. Ultimately, the follicle is damaged and destroyed, over time, preventing the follicle from producing hair. This all means you can essentially stop worrying about needing to wax, shave, etc etc, and get back to living your life as smoothly as possible.

Will It Work For Me? 

Yes! Unfortunately; however, laser hair removal has varying and differing degrees of effectiveness for various people. When there is a good degree of variation between the color of the skin and the color of the hair, the laser has the best opportunity to distinguish between skin and hair, allowing for most of the light energy to attack the follicle, which increases efficacy. However, it should be noted laser hair removal does not damage the skin. That being said, even with prime candidates existing at Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, our laser hair removal technique and expertise can help with all skin tones and hair types!

What Do I Need To Do For Laser Hair Removal To Work Best? 

Though our team will take care of it all every step of the way, there are some guidelines you should follow to get the most and best out of your treatments. It’s important to avoid extended sun exposure, even going so far as to letting your tan fade and avoid getting one. This is to help the laser distinguish between your skin and your hair. Another important tip is to not pluck or wax your hair as we need the hair to be rooted to the follicle for the light energy to travel down the shaft and into the follicle.

Ready For A Fun, Smooth Summer? 

Then come into the Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center! Dr. Serebrakian and our team are looking forward to helping you shed both worry and unwanted hair! If you’re looking for professional care built on years of experience and empathy, then do the best for yourself and call us at 510-724-8282!

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