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Could Thermage Solve your Eyelid Concerns?

We’ve all heard that phrase “the eyes have it.” That it is the It Factor; the magic of looking young and vibrant. It isn’t that we don’t want our eyes to age; there is beauty in the aging process itself (really, there is). What we want is to guide that process in a way that enables each to continue feeling good about appearance. One way that we do that here at Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center is with blepharoplasty. Another option, and one that is appealing to many of our patients is non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation with Thermage.
What Can Thermage Do?
Like any non-surgical treatment, there are corrections that can be achieved with Thermage. There are also some concerns that cannot be resolved with this particular treatment. Some of the improvements that may come from heat-based eyelid rejuvenation include tighter, more resilient skin on the upper eyelids. This reduces hooding or sagging that cause a tired or angry appearance. Thermage is also a suitable maintenance treatment after eyelid surgery.
How it Works
Thermage is one of the several radiofrequency treatments used today. The wavelengths of energy emitted by this device pass through surface tissues to heat collagen strands in connective tissue. Because it is the loosening of collagen strands that lead to laxity issues, this immediate constriction can achieve noticeable results right after treatment. The real work is a continual process that occurs for about six months. In response to targeted heating, fibroblasts produce healthy new collagen to rebuild the strands that have frayed.
The Ultimate Evidence
Understandably, it is easier to invest in a treatment that has proven capabilities. In one study of more than 5,000 participants, results showed that Thermage performed very well. 87% of those treated saw an immediate tightening of the upper eyelids. After six months, 92% of those treated saw the results they desired. At the conclusion of the study, a total of 94% of treated patients remained satisfied with their results.
The Bottom Line
We cannot say that Thermage eyelid rejuvenation is right for every person who visits our Pinole or Larkspur office. To find the best approach for eyelid rejuvenation, make a consultation with Dr. Serebrakian. Contact us to schedule your visit. Call our Larkspur office at (415) 461-5755 or our Pinole office at (510) 724-8282.

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