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How many years can a facelift give you? Here’s an answer.

When a person decides to have cosmetic plastic surgery, they’ve likely come to a point where other, less invasive procedures aren’t providing the desired results anymore. Most of us decide to undergo various procedures because we want to improve our appearance, and look younger. But how can we know what to expect from something as significant as a facelift?
Youth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholderIt can be tricky to try and measure a procedure’s possible results strictly in terms of whether it can make you look younger. But a recent study actually did attempt to quantify just how many years a person can expect to turn back time with facial surgery.
How many years can I get back?A team of plastic surgeons attempted to calculate about how many years you could expect to shed if you choose to go under the knife. These surgeons gathered together a group of 40 medical students and asked them to estimate the ages of patients in before-and-after surgery photos.
Can you guess the number?Based on an average of the ages guessed by the study participants, the overall results indicated that facial surgery, depending on the number of procedures, could reduce your age anywhere from six to eight years. Here’s the spread broken out by specific procedures:
Facelift and neck lift — average of 5.7 years younger post-surgery
With additional eyelid work — two additional years
With forehead lift – one more year year
All four procedures — 8.4 years younger
`Is it worth it to you?Many of our patients like to have the numbers (in years lost) to help them make informed decisions about having various facial surgeries. And it’s quite valuable to have the kind of meaningful information that can help you manage your expectations – about the surgery and it’s possible outcome.
A lot depends on the individualBefore you make any decisions, you should have a consultation with us to discuss what you can expect. Call today for your appointment:In Pinole (East Bay), call: (510) 724-8282In Larkspur (North Bay), call: (415) 461-5755

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