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We’re number one, and here’s why

The U.S. ranked number one for the most cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2014, and we’re on track to take the title again when all the statistics are in for 2015. As we begin 2016, we might have a reason for the many millions of people in this country who are having plastic surgery procedures. The secret is out.
First, a history lesson
A recent Time Magazine article about the growth of plastic surgery revealed a few very interesting facts about the history of beauty treatments:
In the 19th century, makeup was considered a product for prostitutes, so it was often hidden by retailers and sold “under the counter”
In the 1930s and for years after, hair coloring was performed in the basements of hair salons so no one would see customers coming and going from the “procedure”
These stories point out that even though beauty treatments go back to Egyptian times, there was a long period in more modern history where changing your appearance was considered everything from secret to shameful. And for decades, that was the case for plastic surgery procedures. That’s definitely changing.
Cosmetic treatments are becoming commonplace
Friends are telling friends what they’re up to, and with pride, not shame. We like having experience and a certain expertise on the benefits and favorite uses for Botox, our favorite fillers and even our surgical procedure wish list.
Little tweaks are hugely popular
Many of our patients continue to be happy and even amazed with all of the improvements that can be achieved non-surgically. And as you become comfortable having, and discussing, what you’ve had done, it opens the door for the possibilities surgery can offer, such as improving the appearance of a nose bump you’ve always hated or a neck that isn’t aging well. Plus, cosmetic surgery technology and procedures are continuing to advance, becoming less invasive with shorter recovery times and little pain.
Choose a skilled surgeon
More skill means subtler and more predictable outcomes. Call us today for a consultation: Pinole (East Bay) office; (510) 724-8282, Larkspur (North Bay) Office; (415) 461-5755.

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