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Surgical or non-surgical? You have more choices than ever.

Some of us think we are ready to have surgical cosmetic procedures, and some of simply know we are not. And in today’s modern world, there are plenty of procedures to satisfy both ways of thinking.
Non-surgical procedures are on the riseThe American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) recently reported that the rates of people undergoing surgical plastic surgery are dropping. On the other hand, people having nonsurgical treatments are greatly increasing.
Improving technology is driving growthNew laser treatments, a wide range of facial fillers, such as JUVÉDERM®, RADIESSE® and RESTYLANE® are offering results that weren’t possible just a decade ago. And the results continue to improve with injectibles that go deeper, last longer and target specific areas of the face most effectively.
Something for everyoneEven though fillers, Botox, chemical and laser treatments all continue to make huge strides in improving our appearance, there will probably always be issues and problems that only plastic surgery can solve. Any area where there’s a large amount of excess skin, surgery is usually the best option.
The answer is surgery if…For example:• If your upper eyelids are drooping and you can’t see, a surgical eyelift is usually necessary.• If your neck is loose and sagging, some skin can need to be removed and the area lifted.
Preventive care can make a differenceYour doctor, new techniques and continually advancing technology are making it easier to improve your appearance, from head to toe. Preventive steps, such as good home care, topical treatments containing retinol — and sunscreen, of course — should be part of your plan.
Your doctor can make a differenceMany factors help us work with you to determine the route you should take: surgical, non-surgical, and often, a little of both. Your age will be a consideration, as will your tolerance for downtime. And ultimately, the treatment plan will be tailored to fit your needs. So let’s talk about your options. They’re getting better every day.
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