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How to treat your skin after a skin treatment

Whether you’ve had a non-invasive procedure, such as a chemical or laser peel, or a surgical procedure, such as an eye lift or liposuction, you probably feel excited about watching for the results. And waiting and then witnessing your appearance transform for the better is, of course, the most enjoyable part of any procedure. But there’s more to be done after your procedure is done.
Maximize your results by following post-procedure skincare practicesEven though you’ve had your procedure, there is still a very important thing left to do: take the best care of your skin.
Never go without sun protection. Ever again
Laser resurfacing and chemical peels treat the upper, and sometimes, deeper layers of your skin. It can take a couple of months for the ‘interrupted” layers to create fresh, rejuvenated skin. During this period, your skin is particularly vulnerable to sunburn, which along with being unhealthy for your skin, can also result in blotchy hyperpigmentation. If you don’t use sun protection after a skin peel treatment, you could do more damage than whatever you had before your procedure!
If you’ve had plastic surgery, you will have sensitive areas of skin wherever you had sutures, and those areas will not heal as well if they receive sun exposure. So limit your time in the sun, and when you do go outside, always protect your skin with SPF 30 or higher, wear appropriate sun blocking clothing on your body and wear a hat.
Take it easy with your usual skincare products
Prior to any treatment, we will instruct you to avoid products that increase skin sensitivity, such as retinoids. This advice should continue for a week or two after you’ve had peels, resurfacing or facial plastic surgery procedures. Your regular products can be gradually reintroduced, depending on your skin and the type of procedure you’ve had.
Calm and nurture your sensitive areas
Certain products and ingredients can help soothe your skin and facilitate the healing process after a surgical or non-invasive procedure. We can discuss your post-treatment plan at your consultation. Make your appointment today by calling:In Pinole (East Bay): (510) 724-8282In Larkspur (North Bay): (415) 461-5755

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