Lip Injections Can Put the Power Back in Your Pucker

lip fillers | bay area ca You might think you’ve had your fill of information on lip filler injections — because you’ve seen some overly obvious work on celebrities, or even on your own friends. But as time marches on, you’re also noticing the toll it’s taking around your mouth. Maybe it’s time to reverse your take on lip fillers. Done properly, it might be a procedure that will make you so happy you’ll want to, well… kiss us on the lips!

Here’s what you should know about Restylane Silk and Juvederm

They’re both made from the same molecule, hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in our skin. It’s also a top ingredient in hydrating skin-care products because it can plump our skin by grabbing and holding onto water.

Hooray, hyaluronic acid

It’s available in a few different forms from different companies. And it’s the industry standard for temporary lip plumping. It’s also the only temporary lip filler approved by the FDA. Hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve on their own and since it’s already in your skin, it’s usually quite well tolerated by injection.

Picking your formula

In most cases, it’s best to let your doctor decide which filler or fillers will be best for you, depending on where you’re being injected and your intended results.

Managing any pain

You will likely have a topical numbing cream applied to your lips and surrounding areas, and some patients also have injectable numbing medications, like a dental block. In addition, many of the H.A. injectable formulas include the numbing ingredient lidocaine. Most of our patients describe the pain level of lip injections as mild to moderate, and it can last for a few days.

Lip augmentation can look incredibly natural

We believe in providing nuanced and aesthetically-pleasing injections, pre-determined where and at what volume to inject your lips. To look natural, fillers should be added in a natural ratio, with your upper lip approximately two-thirds the size of your lower lip.

Take baby steps

Start with just a bit of filler at your first injection appointment. Call for yours today:

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