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Botox before you have wrinkles?

Something is always changing in the world of the wrinkle eraser Botox. Along with recently being approved by the FDA for treatment of migraine headaches, the muscle immobilizing injections just keep getting more diverse.
Some people are getting Botox neuromodulators injected to help eliminate teeth grinding; some are having them for over active bladder problems. And last year, more than half a million women and men between the ages of 19 and 34 had Botox to relax wrinkles.
Do women between the ages of 19 and 34 even have wrinkles?
Skin care professionals know why millenials are already turning to Botox. Most cosmetic skin care experts have seen the growth of Botox patients who are in their 20s, which might seem too young – if you think that Botox is only a post-wrinkle procedure. Anti-aging treatments before you have any visible signs of aging might seem counter-intuitive, but when it comes to Botox injections, early intervention might be the best strategy.
Botox (and Dysport and Xeomin) can be used to prevent wrinkles
Younger patients may already be seeing creases between their eyebrows and on their foreheads, which is like a mirror into the future where those lines will be permanent. Botox injected in these areas can keep that from happening by stopping wrinkles in their formative years.
Preventing wrinkles could be the best way to avoid them
Botox is known for relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles and creases in the skin, but most of us staring using the product once the crevices had gotten deep enough to be obvious all the time. But it’s actually easier to prevent wrinkles rather than treat them after they’ve become etched deeply in the skin.
Whatever your age, it’s worth talking to us about Botox
We have patients in their 20s, working to prevent future wrinkles; we have others who are in their 70s, happy that Botox can help relax years of facial expression lines. And it could be a great choice for you. Call for your consultation appointment today:
Pinole (East Bay) office (510) 724-8282;
Larkspur (North Bay) office (415) 461-5755

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