Everyone is talking about this (so we are too)

skin care | bay area caIt’s been a story that’s been all over the news, and it’s certainly one of the most exciting technologies we’ve heard about, maybe since Botox. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts General Hospital and others have been working together to develop a substance that can act like a new and improved “second skin.”

They’ve created a miraculous skin coating

The group of researchers has come up with a silicone-based coating that can actually duplicate the appearance of younger, healthier skin, including its elasticity and strength. When the substance is applied to aging skin, it can tighten skin and smooth away wrinkles. This topical polymer is designed to try and compensate for the natural loss of skin elasticity that causes wrinkles and sagging as we age.

It’s stronger than human skin

It’s applied in cream or ointment form and then a “platinum catalyst” triggers the polymer to form a strong, flexible film. It can last up to 24 hours and is practically invisible.

Safety and effectiveness testing

Researchers report applying the coating under the eyes of test subjects, where for 24 hours it:

  • Tightened the skin
  • Reduced under-eye bags

In another test, the coating improved hydration of dry leg skin by preventing moisture loss. And there may be many more uses for this breakthrough substance related to skin diseases, sun protection and dryness issues.

Discovering all this “invisible layer” can do

It can provide a barrier, cosmetic improvements, and, potentially, better deliver treatment to specific areas. And so far, none of the over 200 study participants have experienced any negative reaction to the coating.

It wasn’t designed to be worn constantly — yet

It’s all still in the experimental and testing stages, so there’s more to learn. But it’s possible that in our lifetimes, we will be able to cover over aging skin and make it appear younger. And remember, many of the procedures we perform now to improve the appearance of aging skin might have sounded like science fiction just a few decades ago.

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