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Don’t neglect the neck

If you think you take good care of your skin and have even had a procedure or two in order to improve your facial appearance, there still might be an important area you’ve been ignoring: your neck. And if you ignore your neck, it could be dragging your face down, too. Time to focus on your neck (your face will thank you). Here’s how:
Discover Neck Contouring
This cosmetic procedure can remove fatty tissue and loose skin on the neck using either microlipoplasty liposuction or cervicoplasty.
If you have good skin elasticity but excess fat in the neck area, this could be the right procedure for you. By removing the fat, your neck can appear tighter and more youthful.
Microlipoplasty can be a better method than traditional liposuction
It allows for a smaller area to be precisely targeted using a very small cannula, and only requires local anesthesia. And this minimally invasive procedure can still allow you to achieve your desired results. You will likely experience a feeling of tightness in the neck area, but that will resolve as you heal.
Cervicoplasty (surgical neck lift)
If you have excess fat in your neck area with loose or excess skin, improved contour will usually require a neck lift. The surgery can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with a facelift, and is usually done with local anesthesia (but it may require IV sedation or general anesthesia). A neck lift also requires incisions beneath the chin and behind the ears to remove the loose skin and fat. The underlying muscle will also be tightened.
A smoother, firmer look
The results of this surgery not only enhance your facial profile, but also create a more youthful appearance. It’s a great solution if you have:
Excess skin
Droopy skin
Sun damaged skin
Recovery is virtually painless, and swelling and discoloration usually subside within one week to 10 days. And most patients are able to return to normal activities within three to four days
Treat your neck as well as you treat your face
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