How to Protect your Skin from Cold Weather

Eczema San Francisco | Skin Rejuvenation Larkspur | Pinole CAAs the season’s change, so should the way we care for our skin. Cooler months tend to create dry, itchy, or flaky skin, and in severe cases contribute to an inflamed skin condition called eczema. The following ideas are suggestions for how you can keep your skin looking and feeling moisturized this season.

Care for your feet

Those light and minty foot lotions feel wonderful in the summer months, but your feet need something stronger as the weather cools down. Search for lotions that include petroleum jelly or glycerin. Also, exfoliants are an excellent way to get rid of dead skin cells and smooth cracked heels.

Stop taking hot baths

A steamy hot bath feels fabulous at the moment, but it isn’t doing your skin any favors. Extreme heat will damage the lipid barriers of the skin, resulting in moisture loss. Instead, opt for a shorter lukewarm bath using oatmeal or baking soda. These products will relieve dry and itchy skin. Don’t forget to follow up with a quality moisturizer. If your skin still feels dry and itchy, you may need to see a specialist.

Make sunscreen your new best friend

Even if the days feel less warm, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from UV rays. Before heading outside, apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen about 30 minutes before your outing. If you plan on being outside for most of the day, reapply sunscreen regularly.

Change your moisturizer

The changing seasons often call for a change in the types of facial products we use. During the colder months, elect to use an oil-based moisturizer as opposed to one that is water based. The right kind of oil will act as a protective layer to your skin and help preserver moisture.

Make sure your socks and gloves are dry

A cold rainstorm can soak through your shoes and gloves, causing severe irritation to your feet and hands. In some cases, this irritation can lead to sores, crack, or eczema.

See a specialist

At Bay Area Laser Cosmetic Surgery Center, we provide treatments that will leave your skin looking younger and more refreshed. To schedule a consultation, contact us at our Pinole office at (510) 724-8282 or our Larkspur office at (415) 461-5755. Let us help you look your best this season.

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