The Benefits of Thermage

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Thermage uses patented radio frequency technology called ThermaCool that has been shown to lift and tighten skin. This process will diminish wrinkles and enhance facial contours. This treatment is non invasive, quick, and simple. Best of all, you don’t need to take off any work! This procedures is excellent for all skin types and can pinpoint areas on the face, neck, body, and eyes.

You might be a good candidate if…

Thermage is great for those with sagging skin. If you are between the ages of 30 and 65 and are going through the beginning stages of aging, Thermage is an excellent fit for you. This treatment is also excellent for those looking to enhance their neck and brow areas. It is also important to address your expectations with your cosmetic treatment specialist to ensure that your expectations are aligned with what this technology can actually deliver.

You might want to get Thermage if…

-You want more confidence or a more youthful look

-You want tighter skin or greater contours along your chin and jaw

-You want to smooth out fine wrinkles and lines

What do results look like?

Right after your Thermage treatment, your skin will instantly feel smoother tighter and more youthful. Additional tightening will occur as time goes on.

What are the side effects?

Your Thermage treatment does not need to use foreign chemicals or fillers. It is a very safe procedure, but like all cosmetic treatments it can have side effects including: scarring, burns, sensitivity, blistering, redness, soreness, or welling/bruising.

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