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The news about Botox just keeps getting happier

Most of us already know that Botox helps get rid of frown lines. But new research is suggesting that Botox can also help treat some of the reasons we frown. The study looked at the correlation between Botox and depression, and results were just published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Botox can’t make you smile, but it can prevent you from frowning
The study set out to test the theory that Botox could help depression simply because when people look better, they often also feel better. Many participants did like the way they looked with less wrinkles, but didn’t necessarily note any improvement in their depression; however, some of the patients in the study didn’t really like the way Botox made them look, but their depression seemed to improve. These results will require a lot more study to understand and prove, but it’s encouraging research for doctors and patients alike.
Depression dropped 42% in participants who received Botox
This lead the researchers to be able to say that Botox offered results as good as an anti-depressant. And since as many as a third of patients with depression don’t respond to various kinds of medications and treatments, Botox may provide an additional treatment tool.
Nearly seven percent of all adults in the U.S. suffer with depression
The National Institute of Mental Health also reports that twice as many women as men have depression. So many medical professionals are seeking non-traditional treatment methods in their efforts to effectively help people with this complex problem.
Botox continues to evolve
The neurotoxin was actually discovered in the early 19th century as the result of a batch of bad sausages, and was found to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by 1992. Botox treats wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles, but by 2010, it was approved for treatment of migraines. Now it’s also used to treat excessive sweating and over active bladder.
Botox is definitely something to smile about
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