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Your questions about liposuction, answered

It’s one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, but there are still plenty of people out there who’ve never experienced it – and they have questions. Here are the most common ones we get about liposuction:
Q: What can lipo do for me?
A: The procedure can remove fat to help smooth and contour your abdomen, waist, buttocks and many other areas.
Q: What results can I expect?
A:  Your clothes should fit better, and the area can look smoother and more youthful. Our patients also report that lipo can provide a confidence boost.
Q: What areas can be treated?
A: Problem areas from head to toe can benefit from liposuction, including:
Upper arms
Love handles
Q: Can I have liposuction to lose weight?
A: Liposuction is not an overall weight loss method, but can be performed to help eliminate those stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to eating less or exercise. Most people do say they appear slimmer and more in proportion after the procedure.
Q: How is the recovery from liposuction?
A: This is probably the most common question patients ask. The answer varies depending on how many and which areas you have treated. Typically, most patients experience some soreness, swelling and bruising, and take at least a week off from work and other activities.
Q: Will I have to wear compression garments?
A: The various types of compression garments we have our patients wear are designed to help you achieve your desired results post surgery. They help control swelling, can provide smoother-looking results and help scars heal better.
Q: How long do results last?
A: Most patients experience long-lasting results as long as they don’t gain a lot of weight after surgery. Some choose to have revision procedures to further smooth and contour certain areas.
Q: How can I learn more about liposuction?
A: Call now for consultation to find out more about the procedure and whether it’s the right fit for you. In Pinole (East Bay) call (510) 724-8282; In Larkspur (North Bay) call (415) 461-5755.

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