Your nose and aging

Rhinoplasty | Bay Area Laser Surgery CenterToday’s rhinoplasty procedures can produce subtle changes to the nose, helping to ensure that your nose is not only more attractive but also fits your face.

Plastic surgeons can reshape the nose to:

  • Repair an injury
  • Fix a deformity
  • Improve its appearance

Rhinoplasty might do more than improving your looks

A recent study suggests the procedure may make patients appear 1.5 years younger on average. Researchers asked 50 participants to look at “before and after” photos of patients who had undergone rhinoplasty, or a nose job. Then the participants were asked to estimate the ages of the patients.

Rhinoplasty patients were guessed to be younger than their actual ages

And the youthful benefits were most evident for the older patients. The researchers saw this as objective proof of the rejuvenating effects of rhinoplasty and one of the benefits of undergoing the procedure.

Rhinoplasty patients say they have an improved sense of well-being

Many patients say they notice a change in their self-perception. They report feeling better about themselves and open to making other changes and improvements to their appearance. Some even say their rejuvenated appearance makes them look younger to themselves and others.

People may look younger simply because they’re happier after their nose job

Researchers involved in the study say rhinoplasty clearly provides an added benefit for older patients. The study findings could turn an anti-aging benefit into one of the “selling points” for having the procedure. However, it may be the patient’s new outlook rather than the reshaped nose that creates this more youthful effect.

The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the harmony of the nose and the face

Rhinoplasty patients are often hyper-focused on the nose alone. But the job of the surgeon is more than simply to make the nose smaller or straighter; the focus should be on creating an aesthetic shape that will balance your face. Many patients comment that post-rhinoplasty, “my nose finally seems to fit my face.”

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