The main reason men get plastic surgery may surprise you

We are all living in a culture that appreciates youth and beauty – male and female.  For many decades now, women have been taking advantage of all the ways that cosmetic procedures can help them enhance their beauty and maintain their youth. And for the last five years or more, more men than ever have […]

How many years can a facelift give you? Here’s an answer.

When a person decides to have cosmetic plastic surgery, they’ve likely come to a point where other, less invasive procedures aren’t providing the desired results anymore. Most of us decide to undergo various procedures because we want to improve our appearance, and look younger. But how can we know what to expect from something as […]

We’re number one, and here’s why

The U.S. ranked number one for the most cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2014, and we’re on track to take the title again when all the statistics are in for 2015. As we begin 2016, we might have a reason for the many millions of people in this country who are having plastic […]

Surgical or non-surgical? You have more choices than ever.

Some of us think we are ready to have surgical cosmetic procedures, and some of simply know we are not. And in today’s modern world, there are plenty of procedures to satisfy both ways of thinking. Non-surgical procedures are on the riseThe American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) recently reported that the rates of […]

How to treat your skin after a skin treatment

Whether you’ve had a non-invasive procedure, such as a chemical or laser peel, or a surgical procedure, such as an eye lift or liposuction, you probably feel excited about watching for the results. And waiting and then witnessing your appearance transform for the better is, of course, the most enjoyable part of any procedure. But […]

The buttocks take front and center

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently highlighted a trend in plastic surgery that you may (or may not) find surprising: In the past year, there was close to 100% growth in butt augmentation procedures. The butt just got bigger A butt with oomph is the one people seem too want these days. Long […]

Get results now and later with Thermage

Many of our patients are huge fans of thermage. They use words like, “ecstatic” and “thrilled” when they talk about their results. What is thermage? It might be time for you to learn more about this “favorite” non-invasive procedure, designed to tighten and lift skin, smooth out wrinkles and redefine and renew youthful facial contours. […]

Test Your Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Knowledge

The year 2015 saw one of the most rapid rises in the number of Americans having cosmetic procedures. You might have been one of them, and you may have had one of the most popular procedures of the year. But do you know which ones made the top five list? Keep reading to see. Nearly […]

Lip Injections Can Put the Power Back in Your Pucker

You might think you’ve had your fill of information on lip filler injections — because you’ve seen some overly obvious work on celebrities, or even on your own friends. But as time marches on, you’re also noticing the toll it’s taking around your mouth. Maybe it’s time to reverse your take on lip fillers. Done […]

Botox before you have wrinkles?

Something is always changing in the world of the wrinkle eraser Botox. Along with recently being approved by the FDA for treatment of migraine headaches, the muscle immobilizing injections just keep getting more diverse. Some people are getting Botox neuromodulators injected to help eliminate teeth grinding; some are having them for over active bladder problems. […]

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