“These ugly veins, they simply have to go!”

If you’re starting to talk to yourself – or to your legs – about how much you don’t like those bulgy purple lines and tangles, it might be time to find out what can be done to rid yourself of varicose and spider veins. If it’s any comfort, you’re not alone in your condition – […]

When your chin doesn’t deserve to be on your face

Blame it on social media, selfies and video chat – or your mirror – but you might have started to notice your chin, for all the wrong reasons. And many of us begin to feel self-conscious and unhappy about our sagging jaw lines as we age. So it makes sense that statistics from The American […]

Getting over your tattoo by getting rid of it

Most of our patients come to us seeking procedures that can add something to enhance their appearance: larger breasts, tighter arms, smoother skin and more. And many wish to get rid of things have happened through no fault of their own: our skin sags as we age; varicose and spider veins can appear due to […]

Nobody wants to snore

If you live with someone who snores, you may have had some unpleasant thoughts about the behavior, as you’ve lain awake with a pillow over your head. How can that person sleep through all the noise they’re creating? Why don’t they just stop once you’ve nudged them for the tenth time? Do they enjoy it? […]

Take control of your unwanted hair

Razors, hot melted wax, tweezers, chemical creams – what do these items have in common? They all do a fairly terrible job of helping us deal with unwanted hair. Yet, those are the tools most of use, which also means we’re putting up with ingrown hairs, rashes, burns, sneaky regrowth — day after day, year […]

These implants that have nothing to do with your breasts

You may think that you know exactly what people are talking about when the conversation turns to “implants.” Most of us associate that word with breast augmentation, and with good reason. Thousands of breast implant surgeries are performed in the U.S. every year. And most of us know someone who has had one, if not […]

What’s popular in cosmetic surgery? Find out.

Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases a report that tallies the number of procedures that have taken place in the U.S., including both minimally invasive and surgical. In its 2014 report, it accounted for 15.6 million cosmetic procedures and 5.8 million reconstructive procedures, both increases over the previous year, and those […]

The main reason men get plastic surgery may surprise you

We are all living in a culture that appreciates youth and beauty – male and female.  For many decades now, women have been taking advantage of all the ways that cosmetic procedures can help them enhance their beauty and maintain their youth. And for the last five years or more, more men than ever have […]

How many years can a facelift give you? Here’s an answer.

When a person decides to have cosmetic plastic surgery, they’ve likely come to a point where other, less invasive procedures aren’t providing the desired results anymore. Most of us decide to undergo various procedures because we want to improve our appearance, and look younger. But how can we know what to expect from something as […]

We’re number one, and here’s why

The U.S. ranked number one for the most cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2014, and we’re on track to take the title again when all the statistics are in for 2015. As we begin 2016, we might have a reason for the many millions of people in this country who are having plastic […]

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